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Problems with Rockmaster/12 in mining application

We are having a problem with Rockmaster/12 1” and 1.1/2” in mining aplication, the fittings are disconnecting from the hose. We checked the crimping and as you can see in photos the diameters are ok.

The pressure of the system are ok too, do you have any idea why can this be happening? What else can we check to find out what’s going on with these hoses?

We made the following questions, but still waiting the anwsers, as soon we have them we'l pass the info for you.

- where has the failure been discovered?

- working conditions

- working temperature

- machine/equipm.

- installation: flexing or static

- routing

(11.7 KB)
(12.8 KB)
(16.9 KB)
(12.8 KB)
(12.3 KB)
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